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We will be the number 1 used car buyer in the Middle East, initially based out of Dubai. The website offers instant car valuations and guaranteed purchases. We are specialists in the field of buying used cars and it’s all we do! Our business is based on volume - we buy thousands of cars every year - which further allows us to offer a great price for used cars based on our expert knowledge of the used car market. We can also save lots of valuable time through the use of our state-of-the-art valuation technology and secure data feeds that enable us to generate a fair-market valuation of the vehicle in just seconds, regardless of its make, model, year or condition. Then with just one stop for a sight inspection at one of our convenient locations, the car is sold - and the seller has cash in hand, fast! 

We are not used car salesmen; we are high-volume automobile buyers who focus on our customers receiving the maximum value when selling a used car in a fast, convenient way. We offer fair and transparent car valuations based on our expert knowledge and years of experience in the used car business. We eliminate all the hassles normally associated with selling a vehicle in the open market such as buying and placing ads, handling phone calls and emails from interested buyers, payment and loan approval delays, and having to constantly arrange your schedule in order to meet with potential buyers just to show your car! With us, the seller will make more money on the sale of the used vehicle while saving a huge amount of time in the process.